Naali Fit: Complete Portable Gym

Naali Fit: Complete Portable Gym

SKU: CPG1218

The Naali Fit portable gym includes all you need for a full body workout. The portable gym components are high quality construction with an attractive high-end design. The attention to detail stands out, from the custom rubber logo patches, electro-plated zinc alloy D-Rings and carabiners, cushioned ankle straps and handles, to the functional, dual-compartment backpack.


The kit contains the following components:

  • The patent pending Naali Home strap conveniently fits around interior doors for easy access and spontaneous use. The strap is nylon with a neoprene backing and velcro closure. It is intended for indoor use; home, dorm, office.*
  • The patent pending Naali Go strap is nylon with a neoprene backing and plastic easy close buckle. Great for outdoor use including trees, poles, etc. The possibilities are endless. Be inspired!*
  • The kit includes two sets of four graduated-weight resistance bands from 10 lbs to 25 lbs for a combined resistance of 70 lbs per side. Bands are made of durable latex with electro-plated carabiners that clip to the D-Rings on the Naali Home and Go straps.
  • Comfort cushioned ankle straps and handles provide flexible uses to maximize your workout. The resistance bands are easily contained in the nylon drawstring pouch, great for storage and travel.
  • To complete the kit, a two tone, lined backpack with curved shoulder straps and a dual compartment allows for quick packing or taking the portable gym on the go. 


*Naali Home strap fits doors 28"-36"/ Naali Go strap fits 6"-20" diameter objects


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  • Precautions & Care

    Precautions when using Resistance Bands:
    Please follow these precautions and care guidelines. Naali Fit products are not toys and should never be used for any activity other than the specific exercises they were designed for.


    Resistance Bands:
    • This product contains latex. DO NOT USE if you have a latex allergy.
    • Supervise children at all times and do not use at close proximity.
    • Do not stretch the latex bands past 300%. All bands are approximately 21” and can be stretched up to 63”.
    • Do not store the bands in UV light, extreme temperatures, with oils or solvents.
    • Hand oils and lotions will deteriorate the band life.
    • If necessary, wipe down with damp cloth. Do not clean with soap or chemicals.
    • Always check the resistance bands for cracks, tears, cuts, splits or any defective condition before using. Check the band at resting length and at a stretched length. Do not use a damaged band.
    • Check the metal carabiners at the end of the resistance bands for breaks and security around the band. Do not use a band if the carabiners or attachment site is damaged.
    • With continued use the latex bands should be replaced yearly.

    Straps And Handles:
    • Check all strapping material for well secured stitching and integrity. Do not use a strap if it is torn and seams are not secure.
    • Check the securing of the D-rings in the strap.
    • Always check the resistance band carabiners are secured to the D-ring. Do not use the band if the carabiners will not completely close and secure to itself.
    • Make sure surface is secure and able to withhold resistances used.
    • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes when using.
    • Only use for purposes intended.
  • Returns

    If you are not completely satisfied with your Naali Fit purchase we will offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchase to the original form of payment. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

    o   Naali products must be returned in the condition you received them, unused and with the original box and/or packaging.

    o   We will not accept the return of products damaged due to negligence or misuse.


    Please note that at this time all international sales are final. Due to the time, and cost associated with international shipments we are not able offer returns or exchanges. However, should you find yourself unhappy with your purchase, please contact a customer service representative to let us know what we can do better.


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